NYCAPS ESS: ESS stands for Employee Self Service. This self-service program is a vastly used technology for human resource, and it also enables the employees in performing different types of job- related works. This work includes updating their personal information, accessing the benefits of the company, and applying for reimbursement. The management of the company is primarily based on the administrative staffs, or it is maintained by the department of management and includes various vital papers.

The self-service of the employees is available. Employer portal is available to provide these services. This can even be e a part of the management and planning groups such as Human Capital Management or the Enterprise Resource Planning, which are delivered through platforms like SaaS. The technology was first introduced in the 2000s. During that period they were widely used, unlike the present time.

There is a difference between ESS portal and ESS system.
ESS portal is the service that provides you with the benefit of assessing your personal information, details, and records. ESS portal helps the employees in changing their personal information. It includes bank information and contact details as well.

On the other hand, the ESS system is software. This allows the employees or the users in transforming the data of the enterprise quickly into the executive level and assessable reports. These may include accounting, staffing, and building department. The ESS system is even known as EIS, which stands for Executive Information System.

Nycaps ESS stands for Nycaps Employee self-service. It is an automatic service system which is used widely in New York City. With the help of this service, the employees of the state can manage and access personal information and different information regarding taxes and personal benefits. The employees are independent. They prefer reviewing their information themselves instead of connecting with the HR department or the human resource department. They can do it effortlessly by logging in to this system themselves.

At the time of the annual transfer period, the employees can select their health benefits. This NYCAPs employee self-service basically acts as the tool which is commonly used by the employees. The employee uses this system for 365 days for different interests. For example, they can use it when a life event happens like the birth of a child.

In short, this system helps the workers to update all the credentials, including their address, phone numbers, and all other contact information. Each employee is given their unique ID consisting of seven digits, which they use to handle the account in NYCAPS employee self- service.

How would you contact NYCAPS ESS is a big question. Don't worry about it because for that you need to contact your health benefits agency or maybe the payroll office. You may also contact the central company directly by dialing (212) 487- 0500.

Some questions which are asked frequently:

1. What can be done with the Nycaps ESS tool or with the employee self-service tool?
Well, many vital works can be done through the system. You can update your benefits and tax information.

Under your personal information, you can change your name, your address, your emergency contact number, your phone number, your ethnic group, and your gender. The other data which you can handle are your date of birth, your military status, and your email address. Under the tax information, you can update the information regarding direct deposit and the tax statements. You can also update and view your tax withholdings.

Under the benefits information, you can reduce or add your dependence, change the live
event, and health care services.

2. When can the self-service be accessed?
Nycaps ESS is available 24*7. Just note down the brief maintenance occur during the evenings at 8:30 p.m. on Sundays.

3. How can Nycaps ESS be accessed?
If you want to assess the website click on the link given below
Use the link if you want to assess the service from outside the city office.
Lastly, use the user ID and password to login if you are already a member.

4. What will you do to reset your user password at Nycaps ESS?
Are you facing any kind of trouble to login into the service portal? Then you have got two options.
A) You may decide to reset your password on your own by the given instructions.
B) You may also decide to contact the human resource team who may help you in resetting
your password.
Kindly follow the following steps to reset the password:
1. Open your favorite internet browser.
2. Search for the login page from any one of the links given below (for Australia) (for New Zealand)
3. Click on the option "forgotten password"
4. Now click on the link below "login" button

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